Research Neighborhoods

Duke Engineering research holds great promise to change lives and improve our global future. In our new building, we will realize that promise in innovation neighborhoods where faculty and student researchers work together to improve human health, advance computing, machine learning and intelligent systems, and ensure a healthy environment.

Each neighborhood is thoughtfully designed to promote collaboration and foster innovation—with faculty organized around common research interests rather than traditional departmental divisions, and featuring open lab designs and ample meeting spaces where faculty and students can discuss their work and generate new ideas.

Health Innovation Neighborhood

Designing effective new therapies to prevent disease, promote wellbeing and extend longevity

Computing & Intelligent Systems Neighborhood

Pioneering advances in computing and machine learning to enhance our connectivity, security, and joy of living

Environmental Health Neighborhood

Developing smart technologies and sound strategies to protect our environment and create a more sustainable future

Neighborhood Features

  • 7500 square feet of space on each floor dedicated to faculty and student research  
  • 35 state-of-the-art lab modules that can be configured to accommodate specific research needs
  • 50+ faculty offices located next to research labs and convenient to each other, conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • 170+ graduate student and post-doc workspaces
  • Collaborative “think spaces” and break rooms
Collaborative Corridors
Faculty Research Labs
4th-Floor Terrace
Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms
Graduate Research Lounge
Faculty Offices
Sally Kornbluth
The new engineering building is central to Duke’s vision for the future. In our strategic plan we emphasize the importance of creating strong intellectual communities, and this space represents a real hub where faculty and students can congregate and work together on important issues. We’re also investing heavily in science and technology, and the engineering building offers us a wonderful avenue to help attract the best and brightest faculty and students in those fields to move with Duke into the future.
Sally A. Kornbluth
Provost of Duke University


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Level 4

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