Inspiring Engineers

What does tomorrow’s engineer need to know? What strengths will shape the future? At Duke Engineering, we’re thinking hard about these questions, and preparing creative engineers who are inspired & equipped to solve complex societal problems.

At Duke Engineering, we are embarking on an ambitious initiative to transform our undergraduate curriculum.

We are crafting a signature educational experience that immerses students in hands-on design, data science, computing, research and entrepreneurship from the very beginning—and engages them in teamwork on real projects with real clients throughout their engineering education.

first-year students in the Design POD

First-year students in the Duke Engineering Design POD construct a prototype system to raise and lower plant covers at the Duke Gardens in response to air temperature.

Inspiring Engineers publication coverEngineering is exciting—and we believe giving students the experience of how engineers can make a difference will not only give them a sense of purpose and motivation to pursue this challenging path, but ultimately help them gain:

  • Ability to generate creative solutions to complex, open-ended problems
  • Rigorous research, analytical, quantitative and critical-thinking skills
  • Comfort with design, data and computational tools
  • Experience working in diverse teams
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial confidence

We see these qualities as the hallmarks of a Duke Engineer—complementing the strong interdisciplinary research engagement and educational breadth that Duke University is known for, and preparing our students for high-potential paths in industry, academia, entrepreneurship and public service.

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